Real Testimonials

Jeremy Blundell

Great guys to deal with. Got the shingles on the roof right away and had the roof done in no time. Definitely would recommend Crown Construction.

Kulwant Dhillon

I don't know why insurance didn't want to approve my roof. I was frustrated as my neighbors' roofs were getting replaced and not mine. I googled and found this company. I called TJ home to discuss everything. They checked the roof and assured me that roof will get approved and replaced. It was 3 weeks ago. Now insurance has approved not only my roof but also, few other things insurance missed. Repiars haven't started yet as they will be done in Feb but I am very happy with the way Crown Construction dealt with me and ny insurance company.

Jean LeClerc

Crown Construction came to my rescue in time of need. Just after the hail storm in 2020, Crown construction came over did an appraisal of hail damage and did all the work, from consultation with my Insurance Company to completion of job.The burden was lifted off our family knowing that Crown Construction had our back and was taking the task of repairing our home. A professional company always in contact with us on our claim and keeping us informed on everything that was happening.

Ariel Awa

Shout out to Khushdeep Singh and team. They have done a great job in coordinating and helping us on our claim with our roof due to hail. They have done a great job with our roof, sidings and shed. We are happy. Thank you!

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